Quarry Design

Based upon the design criteria coming out of the geotechnical assessments, a detailed quarry development plan is created using the surveying and modelling software LSS.
In general, we first design a series of Total Quarry Development Plans. These determine the total overburden, interburden and mineral volumes / tonnages available. Each of these TQDP’s can be ‘costed’ in terms of overburden to mineral ratios, haulage distances etc as well as circulated to other environmental specialists (e.g. landscape architects) for their comments.

Once the final TQDP is decided upon, then a series of Quarry Development Plans can be created showing the progression of the quarry with time.

The final QDP will show the volumes of any overburden or interburden required to be removed, the volume and tonnage of mineral released, the geotechnical design criteria that has been used for the overburden slopes, the quarry faces, haul roads, and any tips or lagoons that may be needed.

It is these QDP’s that represent the “quarry design” as required by the relevant regulations as laid out in our “Quarry Regulations Compliance” page [INSERT LINK].
The HSE has guidance on the content of a quarry design at http://www.hse.gov.uk/quarries/hardtarget/design.htm

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