Quarry Design

Quarry Design

QuarryDesign is a trading name of Land and Minerals Consulting Limited. The Company adopted the trading name QuarryDesign in 2006 to promote its links with the mineral planning consultancy Quarryplan Ltd.

QuarryDesign specialise in the remote acquisition of survey, geological and geotechnical data using their Optech ILRIS long-range high-accuracy LiDAR scanners and their various UAV (Drone) mounted aerial systems.

QuarryDesign not only has the expertise to acquire the data; but have the experience, software and hardware to process the data into formats required by a wide range of industry standard surveying, geological modelling and geotechnical analysis software. With that software, they are able to undertake both the analysis and subsequent designs for excavations, tips and lagoons in accordance with The Quarries Regulations (1999), The Quarries Regulation (Northern Ireland) 2006 and The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Quarries) Regulations 2008 (amended 2013) in the Republic of Ireland. They also provide Reserve and Resource Statements to The PERC Reporting Standard, Due Diligence for mineral acquisitions and act as Expert Witness on minerals related matters.

In 2013, QuarryDesign was awarded Joint Runner-up in the Engineering Initiatives category of the Mineral Planning Association’s Health and Safety Awards 2013 for their use of Terrestrial LiDAR and UAV for remote Surveying and Geological / Geotechnical mapping.

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