Geotechnical Analyses

Our Geotechnical Engineers are competent to obtain and interpret geotechnical data for rock-masses and engineering soils using a variety of acquisition methods and interpretative software.

Data Collection

Data can be collected using our in-house equipment (Mackintosh probe, Schmidt hammer, hand Shear Vane, soil Penetrometer, JRC and GSI Charts, LiDAR scanners and Photogrammetric point-cloud surveys), or we can supervise data collection from Window sampling, CPT testing, and laboratory testing of rock and soil samples.


With the data acquired, we have a wide range of rock and soil geotechnical analysis software that enable our geologists and engineers to model the ground characteristics and to produce factual and design reports for surface and underground excavations, tips, lagoons and embankments, and structural loading.

Our current range of geotechnical analysis software is

  • Innovometric’s Polyworks
  • Gexel’s JRC 3D Reconstructor
  • Rhinoceros 3D with RhinoTerrain bolt-on
  • Split Engineering’s Split-FX
  • RocScience’s DIPS
  • RocScience’s RocPlane
  • RocScience’s Swedge
  • RocScience’s RocFall
  • RocScience’s RocTopple
  • RocScience’s Slide
    RocScience’s RS²

Our engineers have also had experience of using FLAC3D, PLAXIS, Irazu and Elfen for which temporary licences can be obtained if the project requires.

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